Mother's Day May 12, 2024

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Luna Ketting | Maan Ster Ketting | Frances Falicia | Stainless steel sieraden
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Personalized Necklace

Give her an engraved Luna necklace as a gift. Choose a maximum of 4 letters and have the back of the Luna necklace engraved. A personalized gift with a beautiful memory.

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Mother Daughter

It's spring again: the lambs are in the meadow, the chicks are peeping in the nest and nature is blooming again everywhere. With so much new life in the world, this is of course the perfect time to put our mothers in the spotlight. On May 12th the time has come again: Mother's Day 2024! But what is the perfect Mother's Day gift for your grandmother, mother, mother-in-law and/or wife? By Frances Falicia we know!

Our tip: Mother's Day jewelry

As far as we are concerned, Mother's Day jewelry is the best choice as a Mother's Day gift in 2024. Frances knows from experience that a Mother's Day necklace or bracelet is always well received. After all, who wouldn't be happy with a beautiful piece of jewelry on Mother's Day? So stop looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift, jewelry is the way to go. Whether you give a necklace on Mother's Day or another type of jewelry, we are sure that your mother will be happy with it.

Don't forget grandma either!

Of course, our mothers (and fathers) also have a mother, who should not be forgotten during Mother's Day. So it is important to also arrange a nice Mother's Day gift for grandma. And you can probably guess what kind of gift we recommend... Jewelry! Your grandmother will also be very happy with some jewelry on Mother's Day. For example, buy a chic pair of minimalist earrings , a beautiful necklace or a beautiful bracelet for your grandmother. After all, every grandmother deserves that extra bit of love!

First Mother's Day

The 1st Mother 's Day is extra special for every woman. It is a special moment to reflect on the fact that you have truly become a mother and are now caring for a beautiful baby! The first year with a child is of course not always easy, with firstly giving birth and then all those sleepless nights. That's why every woman deserves some extra attention on their first Mother's Day. Mother's Day jewelry is the perfect way to remember this wonderful day. A Mother's Day bracelet or necklace can always be worn by the new mother and will last for years. For example, the Luna necklace with engraving or a birth flower necklace .

Mother's Day gift with meaning

Do you want to make the Mother's Day gift extra special? Then go for a beautiful piece of jewelry with meaning. After all, a personal Mother's Day gift is always the best Mother's Day gift. A perfect Mother's Day gift with meaning is, for example, a mommy necklace or a necklace with the child's birth flower . But a link bracelet with personal charms is also a beautiful Mother's Day gift with meaning.

Order Mother's Day gift

Are you unfortunately unable to be with your mother on Mother's Day? Don't worry, you can easily order the most beautiful Mother's Day gifts for 2024 from Frances Falicia. And the best part is that they easily fit through the letterbox. With our Mother's Day letterbox gifts you let your mother, grandmother or wife know that you are thinking of her, even if you cannot be with her. So quickly order your Mother's Day gift jewelry from Frances Falicia, so that every special woman can have a special Mother's Day.