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Stud earrings by Frances Falicia

Stud earrings are beautiful studs to decorate your ear with. There are minimalist earrings for the enthusiast, but also statement earrings.

Trendy earrings and ear studs

Wear your studs every day and let your outfit shine. Combine with trendy earrings for a unique earparty all year round to suit your taste.

Minimalist studs

The minimalist studs are the perfect studs to brighten up your earparty. Do you opt for round buttons, square or are you going for a small stone?

Stainless steel studs

Waterproof, allergen-free, does not discolour and is available in gold and silver. The advantages of stainless steel jewelry are countless. No wonder these stainless steel stud earrings are so popular. They last for years and stay beautiful all those years! Combine your new earrings with other earrings , a ring , bracelet , necklace or other piece of jewelry? View all jewelry >