Luna ketting

Ketting met gravure

Een cadeau met persoonlijke touch

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Luna Ketting | Maan Ster Ketting | Frances Falicia | Stainless steel sieraden
Een geweldig cadeautje

No.1 cadeautip

Wist je dat de Luna ketting met gravure enorm geliefd is als cadeau-optie? Voor Moederdag is dit echt een van de meest gewaardeerde geschenken om te geven.

Minimaal 1 en maximaal 4

Kies je letters

Give your jewelry an extra dimension and add an engraving. A personalized piece of jewelry is one of the most beautiful gifts to give and receive.

Engraving: how does it work?

After more than 8 months we have found the perfect combination. The Luna necklace is engraved by a local engraver from Groningen. You can have the back of the Luna necklace engraved with up to 4 letters. After you have placed your order, we will get to work. The engraver has made a mold in which the chain lies, and the center is easily determined. After you order, it will take approximately 4-7 business days before we ship your necklace.

A personalized Luna necklace

Because the Luna necklace is our most worn and most popular necklace, we chose her. She also has a perfect round charm on which the engraving shows off fantastically.

Engraving ideas

We have now been able to engrave a lot of necklaces and this is a selection of the letters and the story behind them. For example, Nicole had a necklace engraved with all the initials of her family members, including their dog. Simone gave the necklace as a gift to her friend who just became a mother. She had her children's initials engraved on the back of the necklace. Dewi ordered the necklace with her own initials and those of her partner. Marieke and Wendy also ordered the necklace with the initials of their family members. Finally, Janneke ordered the necklace as a birthday gift for one of her best friends.

When will the engraving option be available?

We have the engraving option available at certain times. Are you unable to order the Luna necklace with engraving at the moment? Enter your name and email address on the form you see and you will receive a notification from us. We will also provide updates on availability in our newsletter.

Finally, we would like to give you this tip: make an inventory of who you want to order an engraved necklace for so that you are not "too late". If you have specific wishes, you can always send us an email .