Barbie outfit tips

Barbie outfit tips

Met deze vijf tips is jouw Barbie outfit altijd on fleek 1. Een Barbie outfit straalt. En dat doe je natuurlijk met sieraden. 2. Kleurrijk en speels. Kies kleding in een...
Internationale dag van de vriendschap

Internationale dag van de vriendschap

Op 30 juli vieren we wereldwijd de Internationale Dag van de Vriendschap. Koester je waardevolle band met jouw vrienden en vier jullie vriendschap. Verzegel jullie band met een (matching) sieraad. ...
How to wear: personaliseer je sieraad met bedeltjes en hangers

How to wear: personalize your jewelry with charms and pendants

Choosing the right charms The nice thing about choosing your own charms is the fact that everything is possible and everything is allowed. After all, you personalize your own necklace...
Alles over oorgaatjes en oorpiercings

Everything about ear pierced and ear piercings

What are ear piercings and ear piercings and what different types are there? We have listed the most common ear holes and ear piercings for you. Earholes We'll start with...
De betekenis van je geboortebloem

The meaning of your birth flower

Every birth flower has a different meaning and, just like you, is unique in its own way. Carry your own personal story close by and choose the flower that is...
Hoe kan ik mijn ringmaat meten?

How can I measure my ring size?

Would you like to know your ring size? In these ways you know within a few minutes what your ring size is...
Wat zijn de voordelen van stainless steel sieraden?

What are the advantages of stainless steel jewelry?

Frances Falicia's jewelry is almost all made of stainless steel material, in other words: stainless steel. The most important argument for a piece of stainless steel jewelery is that you are guaranteed to enjoy it for a long time. Okay, what exactly are the advantages of stainless steel jewelry?
Valentijnscadeau voor haar

Valentine's gift for her

A perfect Valentine's Day gift A small Valentine's gift hidden in her handbag. When will she find the present? A real surprise for your loved one. The ideal Valentine's Day...
Valentijn sieraden | Wat draag je tijdens date night

Valentine Jewelry | What do you wear on date night

Valentine jewelry to wear during your valentine date Your loved one surprised you with a reservation at your favorite restaurant. A sign to pull out your fanciest dress and arrange...
Sieradentrends 2023

Jewelry trends 2023

Would you rather not miss the mark and do you always want to go out on trend? Then be sure to check out these jewelry trends because we will see...