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The latest jewelry trends

Jewelry trends not only make your outfit more striking, but also let your personality shine. That is why they are great fun to mix with your outfit and jewelry collection.

Mixing jewelry trends in your style

The great thing about new jewelry trends is that you can easily mix and match them with your current jewelry collection and style. A small adjustment with jewelry does wonders for your current wardrobe, which you may have been looking forward to a bit.

The jewelry trends of the moment

Although we see something familiar every year, the trends continue to renew themselves. Just a little different from previous years. But what are the current trends? In our blog posts we tell you all about the current jewelry trends .

Seasonal jewelry trends

You will see that a number of themes return every year. So you can safely mix your jewelry from previous seasons with something new. These are some seasonal trends that we will also see this year.


Every year we see the hearts return. Of course around Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. However, apart from that also in the spring where new loves usually blossom.


Not all year round, but mainly in the summer this trend is present every year.


Although this is extremely popular all year round, the month of December stands out. Often combined with deep winter colors such as wine red, dark green and black.

Recurring trends

There are a few trends that we see coming back every year (sometimes with a new look). So you will never go wrong with these trends:

multilayer chains

We see the layered necklace aka the double necklace every year.

Statement jewelry

We can no longer imagine statement jewelery without it. The shape and color changes every year, but despite that we continue to appreciate a beautiful set of statement jewelry.

Freshwater pearls

Sometimes they are extremely popular in the summer and other years we see the freshwater pearls shine in the winter. In short, the freshwater pearls remain a recurring phenomenon.


In the summer we see the zirconia stones return in brightly colored jewelry. In winter the stones shine in red, black and dark green. And for the rest of the year, white and black is always good to wear.

Jewelery trends at Frances Falicia

Following trends is not always fun because you can get bored with it. We know this like no other and are happy to respond to this. The trends you see at Frances Falicia are the seasonal trends and the recurring trends. This allows you to mix and match with our collections from previous years and your jewelry will always remain "on trend".