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New collection by Frances Falicia

We wear jewelry every day and most women love it. And that's not surprising because jewelry is a very nice way to give your outfit a little extra spice and they ensure that you step out the door full of confidence. In the new collection you will find all the trends of the moment.

Your jewelry collection

The range is regularly expanded with beautiful jewellery. They fit perfectly with previous collections, so you can mix and match without hesitation. Do you wear earrings or necklaces every day? Or do we see you walking around every day with the most beautiful rings and bracelets .

A collection with many possibilities

How do you combine Frances Falicia's jewelry? We update our social media channels daily with tips and tricks. We also show you the best combinations so that you can make the best choice.

Long lasting jewelry

They are long-lasting, hypoallergenic and non-tarnish. So they don't leave any stains on your skin, are completely nickel-free and last a very long time with the right care. In our blog post we tell you all the benefits of stainless steel jewelry and how to care for it. Discover the entire collection, necklaces , earrings , rings and bracelets. View all jewelry >