Multilayer necklace | Macy Necklace | Gold & Silver


Long-lasting en Hypoallergeen. Lees meer


A royalty among double chains. The Macy necklace is a multilayer necklace with a draped effect. She is a picture around your neck. Length 38 cm + 5 cm extra to adjust


Premium stainless steel met gold plating
100% Allergeenvrij
Long-lasting en non tarnish
100% recyclebaar

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The latest trend around your neck: multilayer necklace

you're five outfits down and you still feel like something is missing. The minutes fly by and you really have to open the door now. You don't want to be late. With the Macy necklace you will never have "outfit stress" again. Because this double necklace transforms every blouse, sweater, dress and shirt into a stylish look. The double necklace is a trend that comes back every year in a new guise. From many different layers to mixed colors and materials. The multilayer chain is the royalty version of the double chains. The chains come together in the middle for a classic look with a draped effect. A luxurious feel with a fantastic look.

How do I store my double necklace?

The best way to store a multilayer necklace is lying flat, or in a jewelry box. Please don't loose it in a bag because I guarantee you that it will get a knot that takes a lot of time to untie (read: it happened to us ourselves)

Klant reviews
Klant reviews
Snelle levering en product is zoals verwacht.
— S. Vriend
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Klant reviews
Hele snelle bezorging en mooi verpakt!!
— Trudy
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Klant reviews
Hele fijne en goede klantenservice en natuurlijk mooie sieraden!
— Guusje Hessels
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sieraden blijven erg mooi en betaalbaar.
— Tineke Wildbret
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