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Miyuki kralen ketting | Oranje | Sieraden By Frances Falicia
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Are you looking forward to your autumn wardrobe? No problem! With a few adjustments, your wardrobe will feel like new.

Warm colours

Cozy jewelry

The season of warm colors and cozy sweaters has arrived. In addition to changes in the weather and the colors of nature, this also brings changes in style and accessories. Autumn calls for warm, stylish jewelry that matches the cozy atmosphere of autumn. In this blog post we take a closer look at the latest trends for the autumn season.

Warm colors with a touch of cheerfulness

Orange and yellow are the happiest autumn colors on the palette. Energetic colors that shine beautifully in the autumn sun. Yellow beads and orange stones steal the show. Combined with gold and silver, your outfit immediately becomes autumn-proof.

Subtle details

As we have just mentioned, we will see a lot of beads again. Mainly miyuki beads. Miyuki beads are high-quality glass beads and are known for their perfect shape and beautiful colors. Tip: Pear earrings with miyuki beads and matching necklace.

Eternal Hoops for perfection

Hoops are timeless classics that remain loved through the ages. And what makes it even better is the use of high-quality materials, so you can enjoy the hoops season after season. Want to know more about the materials used by By Frances Falicia? We are happy to explain everything about our choice of materials .