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From charm bracelet to satin bracelet – by Frances Falicia

Bracelets are the perfect accessory to complete your outfit and express your personality! Whether you're looking for something classic and elegant, or a more daring or bohemian look, there's a bracelet that's right for you. From charm bracelets to lucky bracelets and from satin bracelet to bohemian bracelet, you will find it at Frances Falicia.

Link bracelet

The link bracelet is a classic that belongs in every jewelry collection. Because of the loose links, link bracelets fall nicely around your wrist, exactly as you want. And there is a link bracelet for everyone! Go for a chunky bracelet with large links if you want to make a statement, or go for smaller links for a chic link bracelet for women. In addition, you can of course choose between a silver or gold link bracelet. The color makes all the difference! But whatever color you choose, at Frances Falicia all bracelets are made of stainless steel, and therefore also anti-allergenic and durable.

Charm bracelets

A charm bracelet is actually nothing more than a link bracelet or other type of bracelet with one or more charms on it. A bracelet with charms is often more personal than other bracelets, because you can choose which charms you choose. You can easily turn your charm bracelet into your personal lucky bracelet, for that extra boost in your self-confidence! Curious about the charm bracelets? At Frances Falicia you will find very nice charms for bracelet or necklace.

bohemian bracelet

A bohemian bracelet is often made of natural materials such as leather, rope and beads. This makes them complete your bohemian look! Bohemian bracelets are available in many colors and shapes, so that they immediately make your outfit shine. Do you want to make a bigger impact? Decorate your arm with a beautiful combination of different bohemian bracelets! Or throw in a minimalist bracelet or a satin bracelet, for some nice variety on your arm.

Satin bracelet

For an elegant, simple look, the satin bracelet is a good choice. This bracelet is made of a fine, satin fabric and is often decorated with rhinestones, beads or pearls. But there can also be larger decorations on a satin bracelet, such as our bracelet with a heart. All in all, there is a satin bracelet for every outfit.

Bracelets to share

Do you have a sister or even two or more? Or do you have a very sweet mother? Or is it time to let your best friend know how special she is to you? Then a bracelet to share is the perfect gift. At Frances Falicia you will find the most beautiful sister bracelets, friendship bracelets and mother daughter bracelets , so that you can show all those special women how much you love them. Seal your beautiful friendship or family bond with a piece of jewelry to share . Did you know that Frances Falicia also offers necklaces , earrings and anklets ? Create the most beautiful jewelry combinations and make every look special.