Put a ring on it!


Build your ring stack

Rings for women by Frances Falicia

As Queen Beyonce sang: If you like it, then you should've put a ring on it! And if others don't do it for you, then you have to do it yourself! At Frances Falicia you will find the most beautiful women's rings, in any style you want. Keep it simple, with just a ring on your ring finger, or create a party for your entire hand. Frances has selected a beautiful collection of rings in all shapes and sizes, so that there is always something for you!

Gold ring or silver ring

When looking for jewelry, the first question is often 'do you wear gold or silver?'. As long as you wear jewelry in the same color, it is always easy to combine. But you can always mix and match! For example, choose a wide gold ring for women and combine it with a few minimalist silver rings for a fantastic ring stack. We have to say that the rings by Frances Falicia are not made of real gold or silver. Frances jewelry is made of stainless steel, with a gold coating for the perfect gold color. This is a conscious choice, which has many advantages. This way, stainless steel rings do not discolour, you do not get brown, black or green spots on your fingers and they are anti-allergenic! Want to know more about this? Then read our blog about the benefits of stainless steel jewelry .

A ring for each finger

The ring finger is of course the finger for a ring. But this does not mean that other fingers do not deserve jewelry! Mix and match your favorite statement ring, for example, with a minimalist pinky ring and a cool thumb ring for women. Or add a cheerful middle finger and index finger ring to complete the picture!

How do you measure your ring size?

At Frances Falicia you will find all kinds of ladies rings you could wish for, from narrow rings to large, chunky rings and from signet ring to smiley ring. But how do you know which ring size you should have? You can easily find out by measuring your ring size. For example, take an already fitting ring and measure the diameter of the inside of your ring. Or take your size by putting a piece of string around your finger and then measuring it. With our tips and tricks , measuring your own ring size is a piece of cake.

Adjustable ring

Can't measure or is the ring for someone else? No worries! Even if you don't know the ring size, Frances Falicia can help you. We have a wide range of adjustable rings that always fit. So are you looking for a present for your loved one, your mother, sister or a friend? Then you are certainly in the right place with a beautiful adjustable ring. Do you want to combine the ring with another piece of jewelry? Then take a look at our nice gifts for ladies . Here you will find beautiful friendship necklaces , sister bracelets and other gift ideas for women. Do you like some variety? Even then an adjustable ring is ideal. You can easily change this finger, without the size being wrong! Do you want your ladies ring on your index finger today and on your thumb tomorrow? That's no problem with an adjustable ring from Frances Falicia!