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Bali hoops by Frances Falicia

Bali hoops are great earrings with an oriental touch. They are small works of art for your ears and a feast for the eyes. You can recognize these hoops by their beautiful curves, fine lines and their mysterious character.

A unique ear party with trendy hoops

Did you know that these trendy hoops fit incredibly well in your everyday ear party? These special earrings are ideal to combine with dazzling stud earrings or other earrings .

Stainless steel earrings

They are waterproof, nickel-free and will last for years. The benefits of stainless steel jewelry are countless. That is why stainless steel earrings have been so popular for years. Want to combine your new hoops with other earrings , a ring , bracelet , necklace , or other piece of jewelry? View all jewelry >