Valentine jewelry to wear during your valentine date

Your loved one surprised you with a reservation at your favorite restaurant. A sign to pull out your fanciest dress and arrange the styling in time. The valentine jewelry is divided into different styles. Which one suits you?

floral look

The name says it all, colorful, floral and oversized. This look is completely in line with the latest jewelry trends.

Classic look

Want to keep it classy? The classic look is an all time favourite. You never miss the mark.

Red look

Red lipstick, deep red nails and matching jewellery. This is the ultimate Valentine's date look right now.

Black & White look

A look that never gets old. Two opposites that match beautifully. With this look you can go extra with your make-up colors.

Valentine's date checklist

No stress during your Valentine's date. Everything will be fine with this checklist.

  1. Make sure you have your outfit ready well in advance
  2. Style with a jewelry set
  3. Bring a present for your date
  4. Do you wear lipstick? (occasionally check your front teeth before swiping lipstick)
  5. Above all enjoy the nice evening