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The "IT" earrings of 2024

Sliced teardrop oorbellen | Drop earrings | Sieraden By Frances Falicia
sliced teardrop oorbellen | Sieraden By Frances Falicia
2024 must have

Chunky VS Sliced

The teardrop shape is an enduring trend. We call this a timeless trend because they have now conquered their place in fashion land. Which version are you going for?

Make your outfit a statement

Statement piece

A boost for you and your outfit

Teardrop earrings have become an indispensable part of the world of jewelry. They have grown from a trend into a real fashion icon. But what different types of teardrop earrings are there?

Chunky teardrop earrings

This variant is known to many thanks to the fashion house Bottega Veneta. A brilliant design that many celebrities shine with, including Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. We also see several TikTok stars beaming with chunky teardrop earrings.

Mini teardrop earrings

The mini teardrop earrings have the shape of a water drop and are considerably smaller. This makes the teardrop earrings less noticeable but just as stylish. This version is great for daily wear, and you could even sleep with it.

Sliced ​​teardrop earrings

Finally we have the sliced ​​teardrop earrings. This design gives the earrings an airy and less massive appearance. Ideal for lovers of statement earrings who find the chunky teardrop earrings just a bit "too much".