You can measure your ring size in various ways. The most common way is by means of a string. You always measure the thickest part of your finger at your knuckles. Then measure the string. Second, it is possible to measure the diameter of a current ring that fits you well. You use a tape measure for this. Place the ring on a measuring tape and measure the inner size of the ring. In other words, do not include the thickness of the ring itself when measuring. Finally, you could download an app on your phone. If you search for ring sizer in your app store, several apps will appear that you can use to measure your ring size.

A ring size chart to measure your ring size

In the table below, we show you the diameter and circumference for each size. For example, if you have just measured that your circumference is 47mm, you will need a ring in size 15.

  • Size 14 = Ring diameter 14 mm = Circumference of the ring 44 mm
  • Size 15 = Ring diameter 15 mm = Circumference of the ring 47 mm
  • Size 16 = Ring diameter 16 mm = Circumference of the ring 50 mm
  • Size 17 = Ring diameter 17 mm = Circumference of the ring 53 mm
  • Size 18 = Ring diameter 18 mm = Circumference of the ring 57 mm
  • Size 19 = Ring diameter 19 mm = Circumference of the ring 60 mm

For example, if your finger circumference is 52 mm, size 17 is a good option. Probably size 16 will also work. Our advice is to choose the closest size. When in doubt, you can also measure the inner size of a current ring as described above.

What is the most common ring size for women?

Not every fit is the same. You can compare this with clothes. The most common ring size for women is size 17. In short, if you know yourself that you have fairly "standard" fingers, then size 17 is the best bet you can take.

Stainless steel rings

All our rings are made of stainless steel because of the many advantages. Here we explain in detail what the advantages of stainless steel jewelry are.