Which flower suits you?

Birth Flower

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Geboortebloem Ketting | Birth Flower Necklace | Frances Falicia

Which birth flower necklace suits you?

Do you like to wear your own birth flower around your neck or do you choose a month where you have a special memory?

A piece of jewelry with meaning

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Did you know that every month has its own birth flower? Unique just like you. Each flower tells a personal story and symbolizes your birth month. Or gives you a reminder of a certain event. Every birth flower necklace is special and has a different meaning for everyone.

Which birth flower necklace suits you?

The birth flower of your loved one

A special place in your heart. Carry your loved one's flower close.

Your child's birth flower

A beautiful moment. You are a mother for the rest of your life. This month is important to you and with the brith flower necklace it is a memory that you carry with you every day.

An emotional moment to remember

There are certain moments that you will carry with you forever. A tragic event that you want to continue to remember. It gives you strength, makes you strong and gives you a certain emotion. A birth flower necklace has also been made for this.

Which flower do you choose?

Each month comes with a birth flower necklace that you can always wear. Perhaps you choose the birth month of yourself, partner or child. Maybe you want to remember a certain event that a flower fits in with? Stay connected and choose the right flower for you.

January – Carnation

January actually has two birth flowers: a snowdrop and the carnation. Carnations come in different colors. The pink Carnation represents pride, courage and affection. The red carnation represents love and white represents happiness. In general, the Carnation is central to charming, kindness and gratitude.

February – Iris

The iris is a striking brightly colored flower and represents faith (Faith), courage (Courage) and wisdom (spiritual wisdom). This flower also represents friendship.

March – Daffodil

A beautiful spring flower. When you see this flower you know that spring is approaching. The daffodil represents new beginnings, self-confidence and vanity. Mostly generous and loving people.

April – Madelief

Loyal in love, pure and innocent. The pillars of the daisy. In addition, the daisy represents fertility and motherhood.

May – Lily of the valley

The lilies of the valley smell very nice, floral and sweet. It is a delicate flower that represents purity, sweetness, modesty, sincerity and happiness.

June – Rose

The flower of flowers. An elegant flower with a wonderful scent. Were you born in June? Then you are a happy type. The rose symbolizes sincerity, gratitude and passionate love.

July – Delphinium (Larkspur)

Positivity is central to this beautiful purple flower. You won't easily overlook this one. Elegant and stylish people with a big heart.

August – Gladiolus

The gladiolus is a flower with a long and strong stem. People born in August have a powerful personality, are strong and independent. The gladiolus also symbolizes honesty, generosity and eternal sleep.

September – Aster

Graceful flowers in different colors. The aster symbolizes affection, patience, strong love and bravery

October – Marigold

The golden yellow flower, also called calendula, belongs to you if you were born in October. It is a strong flower with a powerful color and represents stubbornness, steadfastness, creativity and warmth.

November – Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum symbolizes eternal youth. In Japan and China they put chrysanthemum leaves in their wine glasses for longevity. Often “November people” are energetic people who enjoy life.

December – Poinsettia

How could it be anything other than the poinsettia. The Christmas star symbolizes hope and happiness and is therefore often given as a gift during the holidays. Family is important to these people.