Would you rather not miss the mark and do you always want to go out on trend? Then be sure to check out these jewelry trends because we will see them a lot throughout the year.

The five pillars of 2023

Does this mean you should put your current jewelry stash aside? No definitely not. Combining is key! Easily add the latest trends to your current stash so you can keep wearing everything.


Yes, you read that right. The phenomenon of statement earrings has made way for oversized. Oversized earrings are the new statement earrings. But what's the difference? I can be very brief about that, namely nothing at all. And what will be different in 2023? The hoops are not only bigger, but also wider. Plus, oversized is the new normal. It can and may be done all day.

Flower power and color

Fond of flowers? Then this is definitely your year. Because flowers belong in this year's jewelry trends. Think of four-leaf clover earrings, leaf earrings, but also colorful flowers. Preferably oversized.


Bold and daring. It hangs between minimalist and oversized with a rough edge.


"Pearls are a girl's best friend. Pearls are forever." Diamonds give way to pearls.


The hearts should not be missing in 2023. They remain popular. They are a kind of uggs under the jewelry. The heart jewelry continues to conquer your heart again and again.

Mix current trends with new jewelry trends

Would it be a shame not to wear your current jewelry collection anymore? Mix and match your current jewelry stash with something new. Always on trend and stylish in your own way.

Statement vs oversized

You probably have them lying around, statement earrings. These also go well with the oversized earrings trend this year. So get those whoppers out of your jewelry box.

Minimalist vs pearls

We see freshwater pearls a lot and can be combined very well with your minimalist jewelry that you already have in your collection.

Hearts vs more hearts

Love it or not... Hearts have been a trend for years and will keep coming back in the coming years. You see them in oversized earrings, but also in friendship bracelets.

In short, in jewelry land everything is possible and with a small addition your current jewelry collection is completely up to date. We share new jewelery trends every week on Instagram and Facebook and combine current collections with new jewellery.