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Ear piercings by Frances Falicia

There are many types of ear piercings. They give your earparty a dynamic and asymmetrical effect. They give your appearance even more shine and they give your personality even more body.

Different types of piercings

You will probably have noticed that there are many different types of ear piercings. Upper lobe, helix, lower helix, tragus and so on. You can read more about ear piercings and ear piercings here.

An earparty that lets your personality shine

Decide for yourself where and how you combine your new piercing. The piercings can be worn practically in any ear hole. We combine stainless steel with small shiny zirconia stones in various shapes.

Long lasting jewelry

We choose stainless steel because you can enjoy your jewelry for an extra long time. They are long-lasting and hypoallergenic. As a result, you will not suffer from itchy ears. We are happy to explain all the advantages of stainless steel jewelry here. Combine your new ear piercing with a set of earrings , a ring , bracelet or other piece of jewelry? View all jewelry >