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Link bracelets by Frances Falicia

A link bracelet is characterized by the use of (different) links. Link bracelets are great jewelry and both robust and minimalist.

A link bracelet with charms

Extremely popular! Link bracelets have been a popular piece of jewelry for many years. Make your bracelet personal and unique by adding charms . For example, a constellation pendant .

Bracelets to share

Bracelets are the ideal gifts. Share a sister bracelet with your sister or a friendship bracelet with one of your friends.

Stainless steel bracelets

They are waterproof, nickel-free and last for years. The advantages of stainless steel jewelry are countless. That is why stainless steel bracelets have been popular for years. Combine your new link bracelet with earrings , a ring , necklace or other piece of jewelry? View all jewelry >