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The most beautiful gifts of 2024

Luna Ketting | Maan Ster Ketting | Frances Falicia | Stainless steel sieraden
Luna Ketting | Maan Ster Ketting | Frances Falicia | Stainless steel sieraden
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Give an engraved Luna necklace as a gift

A gift that is tailor-made not only carries value and meaning, but also forms a lasting memory. Consider gifting a necklace with a personal engraving.

A flower that suits her

Birth flower

Valentine's Day will soon be here. The day of love and romance. But not only love between love partners but also friendships should not be forgotten during Valentine's Day. However, the Americans call this Galentine's Day. But what do you give as a gift? These are the best gift tips to surprise your loved one or best friend.

Give a personalized necklace as a gift

You can have the popular Luna Necklace engraved especially for Valentine's Day. An engraved necklace is a beautiful gift that contains a lot of love and emotion. Engrave the letters of the two of you, her child(ren), or her own initials. The engraved Luna necklace is our number 1 gift tip to give during Valentine's Day.

Heart-shaped jewelry: a timeless symbol of love

Would you rather give a different type of jewelry as a gift during Valentine's Day? Jewelry in the shape of a heart never goes out of fashion and carries a deep meaning. Love for yourself and for each other.

Redeem a memory with a birth flower

The month in which you met, the month in which your child was born or her own birth month. Let a flower symbolize a beautiful moment in your life. > view birth flower necklace

Tell her story with a charm necklace

A charm necklace with charms . Each charm tells a different story and carries a different memory. What will be the first charm? Choose a zodiac charm from a month that is special for you.

Single on Valentine's Day?

Have a decadent dinner with your friends. Let your hair down and adorn yourself with festive jewelry . After dining, step into a luxurious bar and enjoy this day in style.